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Hello Pacific!

Hello Everybody.  We’re announcing what we think is a fun and exciting new competition for young songwriters and performers.  See – What are we.

The Pacific Song Competition (PRSC) is up and running and we’re shortly going to be calling for Jury members to help us run the competition and entries.

The PRSC is all about fostering young creative performing talent around our region.  That region is from New Zealand and Australia in the south-west, up through Asia to Japan and Russia at the north-west, across to Canada and the US in the north-east, down through the Americas to Chile in the south-east.

The Pacific Rim, otherwise know as the Ring of Fire is bordered by 53 countries – see the list of Eligible Countries here – and as it’s Fiery name suggests we’re hoping for some really way out, uber-cool and awesome acts to liven up the show.

Hone up your writing, singing or performing skills, we’ll be calling for Juries shortly and then Entries a little after that – see our 2013 Timeline for dates.

The Pacific Song Competition is hosted by Talent Storm Pty Ltd – you can email us at admin@pacific.songcompetition.net and we look forward to seeing all you can do!