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How the Voting is done

There is no limit to the number of songs that can be entered for each country. The final selection of each Country’s songs and the winner to move forward to the final is done each October.

The following is the procedure for each Country:
The jury’s votes for each entry are summed and averaged to provide a final score.   The highest marked entry will get 10 points, then next 8 points, then 7, 6, 5 and so on down to 1.

While the jury is deliberating, public votes will be taken over a 3 week period, with one vote allowed per IP address or each mobile phone number on a public forum.  The winner of this public vote will get 10 points, then next 8 points, then 7, 6, 5 and so on down to 1.

The final entry for the country will be decided by adding the public and jury points for the top 9 songs with the highest scoring entry being the winner and the entrant for that country into the final competition.

The deliberation of the jury and the final entry for each country is televised in a podcast, with another podcast highlighting the final country entries into the competition proper.

Depending on how many countries are in the final selection with a Country Entry, we have a number of semi-finals, with up to 20 entries in each, with a Final Event in November each year, again with 18 to 20 entries.

Final event and voting

The semi-final and final events are conducted very much like the preliminary entry selection, except that it is conducted live on the internet, in a live-style program, with a host and commentary.  Voting points are as for the preliminary selection, except that each countries jury votes immediately after the last performance, with all votes being shown live.

The general public watching the show live on the internet is also able to vote immediately after the last entry has finished.

Votes are shown for each entry with the jury and public votes side by side.  At the end of voting the winner is the entrant with the highest aggregate public and jury vote.

The final show is also available as an HD TV program for those regions wishing to broadcast it.

What does the winner get?

While the competition is intended to be a fun, not-for-profit industry exposure vehicle and a competition mainly for younger people, with no major prizes involved, the winners and the runners up are usually offered recording contracts or performance contracts of some sort.  There are also cash and in-kind prizes donated by sponsors for the competitors to receive.  These are generally region dependant and may change from year to year.